Brazil – Best day of the Year in Rio de Janeiro? Réveillon! (New Years Eve)

Carnival is only officially 4 days long but weeks before those 4  days arrive the parties start, and they continue, day in and day out, up until Carnival and then they keep going for a week or two after!  I do not know how they did it but they figured out a way to stretch a 4 day celebration into 4-6 weeks, serious!  If you like long, drawn out partying, day in and day out, for several weeks, come to Rio in February/Early March and witness the show!  After 8 years, I now try to avoid Rio during this time of year, to avoid some (but not all) of the mayhem.

But Réveillon?  This is a different story.  This is a ONE day party, a one day bash, that goes all out.  It is my favorite day of the year in Rio.  The BEST day of the year in Rio.  If you ever planned on going to Rio and can afford the inflated prices around the holiday season, get yourself a 7 – 10 day package over New Years Eve and visit Rio De Janeiro.  It is a buck list event!!!

Click the link below and read up on how Brazilians party on New Years Eve.  Its a great time!–Brazilians-love-to-party-at-Réveillon-and-Carnival-?

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