If you have seen my Instagram page @Travel Ad.Ventures you know that I travel, a lot.  And when I do,  I strive to get the most out of my travels without breaking the bank, so I check all the angles before I go. I am on a tight budget, so I use every means possible to see and do as much as I can without spending too much.

My Travel Tips page dives into the secrets of traveling on a shoestring, without sacrificing luxury. It includes: How to find the lowest fares on airline tickets and the best prices on places to stay. Also discussed is credit card points. I love to acquire and fly on points.  You can use points for airplane tickets, hotel rooms and a whole lot more. They are readily available but you need to know which one(s) are right for you, where to find them and what is required.

I also discuss: How to plan for your next adventure; the best places to stay: hotels, hostels or Airbnb’s. How to get around when you arrive. What to pack – and what not to pack. Did you ever imagine that traveling to international destinations could be less expensive than traveling domestically? It can and I discuss this as well as a whole lot more!

The Travel Insight page highlights beautiful locations from around the globe.  Showing tantalizing photos of exotic destinations along with practical ideas on what to do, when to go and what to see once you get there.

Over the coming months there will be new postings in Travel Tips, Travel Insight and my Portfolio pages so if you’re planning a getaway, be it foreign or domestic, for business or for fun, you’re going to want to explore this site….